Top 5 Murphy Bed Designs You Should See

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Did you know that 1 in 4 Americans need more space in their home? With the ease of online shopping, it’s easy for your home to start feeling cluttered and claustrophobic. This is particularly true if you live in a space that is smaller than average.

Fortunately, more people are looking at Murphy beds as an option to clear up floor space and organize their homes. If you’re wondering what the best Murphy bed designs are to elevate your abode, you’ve come to the right place.

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1. Freestanding Cabinet Design

If you want the luxury of a queen Murphy bed but in a compact piece, a freestanding cabinet design is the way to go. This is similar to the cabinet structures you’re likely familiar with, except you have more flexibility when it comes to the location.

With most Murphy bed cabinet designs, you can only have it up against the wall. With both the freestanding cabinet and chest design, you can use it as an additional furniture piece and pull the bed out whenever it’s time to use it. Not only does this free up plenty of space in the room, but it also makes it easy to rearrange without getting stuck with one layout.

Use this design if you’re looking for flexibility in the layout of your room or if you’re looking to deviate from the standard wall design.

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2. Murphy Bed With Desk

For anyone who works at home, having a Murphy bed with a desk is the ideal option. You’re able to get the rest you need at night and set up for work in the day. This is also an excellent option if you have an extra room that can be transformed from an office to a guest room.

There are various built-in desk options available, so you can easily choose the one that works best for you. Some Murphy bed desks take up the entire width of the bed, while others are a small section. You’ll be able to work without the feeling of being in a tight space.

As more people embrace working from home, it’s only natural that they want to make their workspace as comfortable as can be. This can easily be achieved with a space-saving solution like a Murphy desk bed.

3. Murphy Bed With Sofa

If flexible seating is what you’re after, look for a Murphy bed that converts into a sofa. This is the go-to option if you’re looking to combine a common room with an additional bed. It’s easy to assume that setting up and breaking down a Murphy sofa bed will be difficult, but that isn’t the case.

Imagine using your extra room as a movie room. You can have plenty of seating for loved ones as you all gather around the tv. As soon as it’s time for some rest, you’ll be able to pull down the Murphy bed with ease.

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4. Murphy Bookcase Bed

If you or someone in your family is a big reader, what better way to combine their interests than a Murphy bookcase bed? This is the ideal option for anyone who has more books than they know what to do with.

Use it in your kid’s room; not only will this encourage them to read more, but they’ll also have plenty of space for their playtime activities during the day. At night, you’ll easily be able to access their bed, and they can drift off into dreamland.

A Murphy bookcase bed isn’t exclusive to little ones either, and adults are sure to love it too. If you have an office or study that needs some sprucing up, make it into a potential guest room by adding a Murphy bed. You can cozy up to a good book in the day and know someone has a comfortable place to sleep at night.

5. Murphy Bunk Beds

Last but not least, there’s the Murphy bunk bed. Ideal for children who need to share a room, this will free up floor space when they aren’t asleep but quickly accommodate when it’s time. If you’ve been hoping for a space-saving solution that will also accommodate more than one person, this is the option for you.

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If you’re already strapped for space, having two twin beds will make your child’s room feel stuffy. The last thing you need is for two grumpy kids to get frustrated about the lack of room to play. Give them the space they need with comfort that’s hard to beat.

That way, you don’t need to worry about them potentially getting the house messy because they have no other place to play. This tends to be one of the more affordable Murphy bed options. That type of peace of mind is hard to beat.

Murphy Bed Designs You Should See

Living in a messy home can create a lot of unnecessary mental strain. It’s difficult to avoid a cluttered home, especially if you don’t have much room to work with. Luckily, Murphy beds can help open up your space significantly so you can rest without worry.

Be sure to look at all of the Murphy bed designs and pick the one that works best for your lifestyle. You’re sure to feel the difference right away.

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