Adrian Cruce

5 Great Home Improvements You Can Complete In an Afternoon

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As a homeowner you obviously want to make your property better, more valuable and more beautiful. Thankfully, there are many different home improvements that can be done but the problem is that most of them do take a lot of time. The good news is that you do not actually have to start larger projects. There are so many DIY projects that you can finish in a single afternoon, increasing home value and making you feel happier the following day. Check out the following examples as wonderful recommendations.

Accent Painting

When your goal is to liven up the room and you do not want to paint everything, an accent wall can easily stand out or you could always spruce up the door. The effort will be small and the impact is going to be pretty high on room feel and appearance. You can easily paint everything to a considered neutral color if you are interested in selling the property in some time. Making the interior door bold with paint accent is something you finish really fast.

Update Door Hardware

So many homeowners have outdated door hardware and rarely think about replacing them. This is quite a shame since the project can be done in just one afternoon. When you have a home that is filled with outdated finishes like brass, you want o update to something that is much more classic, like aged bronze or satin-nickel. The common scenario is having a door with traditional hardware when you want to have a design that is more contemporary. Make the entire décor work well together by updating this common contradiction. Just be sure that you are going to choose proper door hardware so the end result fits well.

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Add New Room Lighting

Similarly to home hardware, lighting type installed will break or make the entire room. At first glance you may be intimidated by a project like changing light fixture. This is normal but what you should know is that basically any DIY enthusiast can start such a project and be done in a few hours. All you really have to do is follow instructions offered by the manufacturer. Alternatively, if this is not available, various online tutorials are available.

Open Shelving

It is always interesting to add open shelving as it gives you a way to be more organized while making a stylish interior design statement. Room space is not really impacted and you can use the new open shelves to show off various unique items you may own, like a great flea market item or a family heirloom. Creating open shelving is intimidating and you will need to know some things about this but many online tutorials are now available.

Crown Molding

When you add trim and crown molding you can so easily make the room look much more expensive. You end up with a truly polished look that will make the mediocre room stand out and look amazing. While the project will normally take just one afternoon, you do want to work on one room at a time. Prioritize those that you often use, the rooms that are trafficked. Once again, online tutorials are available.