5 Simple DIY Home Improvements To Help You Be More Organized

Adrian Cruce

5 Simple DIY Home Improvements To Help You Be More Organized

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When it comes to home improvement, things can get quite pricey, but if you are a crafty person you can transform your home in your personal heaven without ruining your finances. Everybody can be organized but not everybody can be organized and creative at the same time. So if you are in the mood for some DIY around the house, here are some ideas that will make your house cuter and your life more organized:

  1. Framed Chalkboard

If you love to take notes all the time or if you want a place in your house where you can write down your thoughts, a chalkboard is perfect! To add a bit of style to an otherwise simple idea, put the chalkboard into a vintage picture frame.

  1. Necklace holder

Screw a piece of wood into the wall, paint some knobs and stick them to the wood. Use this new holder for your necklaces. It will help you keep them organize and it will add a chic touch to the room.

  1. Reading Corner

If you like reading and you dream of having your own special corner where you can enjoy a good book and a cup of tea, but there is no place in your home for large bookshelves, we’ve got you covered. Buy plastic rain gutters, find a corner in your house that you are not using and attach the rain gutters to the walls with some screws. You can place your favorite books on your new shelves and put some large pillows on the floor. Now you have your very own reading corner! Have fun in the story land!

  1. Clothespin Picture Frame

You are not of fan of technology when it comes to pictures? You love to see your friends’ faces without scrolling through their Facebook page? Classic picture frames are too boring for you and you have too many pictures to use simple frames? Make a large (depends on how large you want your frame) circle from a cardboard and then cut a smaller circle from inside. Make sure that after cutting the second circle you will be able to attach clothespins to the cardboard.

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Done with the clothespins too? It is time to place your new frame on the wall and to hang your favorite pictures. If you want to go even further you can paint the cloths pin in your favorite color.

  1. Pant Hangers For Boots

Storing your boots in boxes can affect the aspect of your boots. The leather can get wrinkled and the shape of the boot can change. The best way to avoid this problems is to store your boots vertically without folding them. If you do not have a lot of space in your house, you can use pant hangers to hang your boots in the hallway, maybe above your shoe organizer. Pant hangers have clips and you can easily hang your boots in a vertical position that won’t change their shape or won’t cause damage to the fabric.