Great Summer Decorating Ideas


Great Summer Decorating Ideas

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The hot summer weather make us dream of a long vacation somewhere where we can enjoy the sun without having to stress out about day to day activities. For some of us, a summer vacation means beach, sun and sand, while for others it can mean outdoor mountain activities. Whether you are a fan of the beach or a fan of the mountain, some vacation touches in your house during summer can make the waiting for the time off a little bit easier. You don’t have to make major modifications, you can only add some fun elements here and there for a summery home vibe.

Pops Of Colors

pops of color

The best way to change the aspect of a room is to add some pops of colors. Since we’re talking about summer right now, try to add some vibrant yellow elements.



Add flowers everywhere! Don’t say no to flowers on bedside nooks or on the kitchen table, or on the living room table. If you said yes to all these suggestions, add a vase of flowers on your hallway too!

Decorate With Stripes

decorate with stripes

For those of you who said yes to a beach vacation, adding marine accents around the house will make you feel more relaxed and less worried about life problems. You can combine navy blue pillows with white pillows and with some white pillows with navy blue stripes. Bring the marine to your living room! Also, don’t be afraid to add other marine or sea décor elements like anchors, compass, sand or sea shells.

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Bohemian Décor

bohemian decor

Bohemian style is great for summer! If you’re looking for ideas to add that nonchalant flair to your house, check out this article where we wrote more about bohemian décor and how it can be incorporated into a house. As we already mentioned, you don’t have to change your entire bedroom or living room, adding some colorful bedspreads or pillows can be more than enough for a bohemian summer in your house.

Flowy Curtains

flowy curtains

If you miss those beach baldachins that made you so relaxed last year, adding flowy curtains around your bed will make you relive the feeling and it will help you have a more restful sleep. Canopy beds are the best when it comes to relaxation! The flowy curtains are also quite practical since they can keep the mosquitos away.



Vacation means relaxation and fun activities. Pillows can mean the exact same thing so create your very own relaxation spot on your porch or on your balcony. A pile of pillows can be a great place to enjoy a glass of wine, while reading your favorite book outdoor.

Outdoor Picnic Table

outdoor picnic table

If you have a porch, a patio or even a small balcony, move your dining table outdoor and create a nice place where you can enjoy your breakfast, lunch or dinner. We are used to dine outdoor during our vacation so why not bring that great feeling home with us and enjoy a beautiful sunrise or sunset without being far away from home?