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Adrian Cruce

7 Tips To Make Boho Interior Design Work

Boho, boho interior design

Boho interior design is here to stay. It is very attractive for a large number of people and since you are reading these lines, there is a pretty good possibility you are among them. Boho rooms are just so approachable. They create a cozy atmosphere and a strong lived-in feeling.

Boho décor is not:

  • Perfect
  • Sterile
  • Lacking color
  • Matching
  • Minimalist

Boho décor is:

  • Warm
  • Colorful
  • Lived in
  • Eclectic
  • Comfortable
  • Relaxed

Styling Boho Rooms

The eclectic look can be achieved in different ways. You can mix every pattern, texture, and color as you go all in without holding back. But, you can also be much more subtle as you act some eclectic elements to a room. Boho can definitely be pretty chic when you pay close attention to colors and details.

Take into account what boho is and is not, and then make sure you create something that is inviting. This is the most important thing at the end of the day. With this in mind, here are some tips to make boho interior design really work.

1. Use Several Textures

The one element that never lacks in boho interior design is texture. And you can easily add texture in various ways.

Just think about adding some texture with the use of planters made out of different materials, natural fiber rugs, macrame wall hangings, baskets, upholstery, tapestry, and artwork.

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You can definitely start small. Just add some items where you want to decorate. Move these items around. Play with them and consider different materials and shapes. Do so until the room seems right. When you add too much, it is just easy to get things back to the original state.

2. Add Low-Level Seating

With boho décor, you need to chill out, relax, and kick back. This is why you should seriously consider adding some low-level seating. For instance, you can add bean bag chairs, soft ottomans, leather poufs, or floor pillows. They allow people to sit down comfortably and enjoy themselves.

Look on Etsy or on Amazon for really cheap low-level seating options. Take all your options into account and you will surely find something that you are going to love for the room you decorate.

3. Avoid Overusing Black

When your goal is to get chic bohemian décor, you have to avoid black, large furniture pieces or even pieces of furniture that use very dark woods. The best thing you can do is to stick with bright, light woods.

The problem with dark woods is that they are heavy. Light bleached woods offer airiness and a much cleaner backdrop for the added textures, patterns, and colors. However, when you take such an approach, it is very important that you only add a limited number of darker elements.

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4. Use Plants

Plants are wonderful in boho interior design. In fact, the more you add, the better! There is practically no room that is a boho room when it does not have a minimum of 3 plants in it. This is because plants offer a jungle natural vibe.

Another thing that you should do is to not forget to hang vining plants and hanging plants. They will add much visual interest in those part of the room that feel like they are empty.

You should also seriously consider cacti. They are preferred in boho decors.

5. Carefully Mix Different Light Sources

Use many lights if you want to obtain that true boho décor feeling. Add candles, funky chandeliers, lanterns, and string lights. While in all décor styles lighting is very important, with boho spaces, it can be considered as being vital.

Mix and match the light sources that are pleasing for you. However, seriously consider the use of natural fibre pendants. They are just better and more attractive in most cases. Obviously, this is subjective but it is something to take into account.

6. Layer Your Rugs

With the use of layering rugs, you can mix even more colors and patterns. Also, you will end up with much more texture inside your boho room.

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Try to layer brightly patterned vintage rugs over natural jute fiber rugs. Alternatively, consider layering rugs living with the exact same color family.

7. Add Many Patterns

Just as when you add much texture, in boho décor you need to use several patterns.

When you do not know what to choose, just pick overarching color palettes. You can easily work with that. As an example, use gold with violet or navy with rust. A personal favorite of many designers right now is mandarin with scarlet.

Make sure to leave some space so that your eyes can rest. If this does not happen, the room will be overloaded.

When you have a larger colorful rug, the base furnishing should be fairly pared back. Just add some accent color as a pop that would complement the big color statement you make with the rug. In a similar way, when you hang tapestry, do it over a sofa for a big burst of strong colors. You would keep your sofa neutral and then incorporate similar colors inside throw pillows and tapestry.