How To Choose Bathroom Tile Color

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Bathroom tile color and texture will set the overall tone of the room. It is really important that you make a correct choice. There are currently limitless tile color options so you should be prepared to spend a lot of time until you make your final decision. You can choose out of various patterns, diverse shapes and the choices are usually overwhelming. You can even go for a hand-painted bathroom tile in order to have something really custom while the natural tile option is always one that stands out, making everything look more luxurious.

Before you think about what tile color you should choose, make sure that you take into account all the colors that already exist, the mood that you want in your bathroom and how much traffic the area expects. After that, consider the following in order to learn how to choose bathroom tile colors that are appropriate.

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How To Choose Bathroom Tile Color

Start the process by thinking about bathroom size. The floor tile colors that are in a light hue (pastels, cream) will make the room look like it is larger. We can say that light tile colors are very good options for guest bathrooms or for a narrow hallway. The darker floor tile like chocolate, navy tones or burnt sienna will always be better in a larger bathroom.

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The second thing that you have to do is decide on what tile type you want. Those that are stain resistant or made out of glazed ceramic are usually great for a bathroom because humidity is high in such a room. The dense porcelain tile will always be great for flooring since it is scratch resistant.

Look at color wheels to see potential combinations. Those colors that are opposites on color wheels will look really great and will offer a contrast that is rare in a bathroom. However, you should think about the mood you want to create. If you aim for relaxation as this is what matters the most for you, it is a good idea to choose those colors that are close to each other on your color wheel.

The next thing to consider is surface texture. Choose those floor tiles that have mottled patterns in the event that there is a lot of traffic. The terrazzo tile that comes with embedded stone or marble chips can create multicolored effects. Make sure that the tiles chosen will blend the overall colors that already exist in the room. Cream and tan are usually popular choices in bathrooms.

Keep in mind that you can always let color take the center stage of the bathroom’s design. In any bathroom we have the backsplash tile, the countertop tile and the wall tile being a huge part of the overall decor. If the tile area is small, choose color just as you would choose a painting. Let it be able to stand out.