The Complete “Spring Cleaning” Organizing Checklist


The Complete “Spring Cleaning” Organizing Checklist

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Spring cleaning is loved and hated at the same time. However, we cannot clean just during spring. Every single Spring Cleaning tip that we mentioned here can be used whenever you want to clean your home. We will go through various parts of the home and highlight what you have to consider whenever you want to clean.


You want to start by removing all the boots and shoes that you do not use and that stack of mail that is unread and that is simply lying around. Make sure that you put baskets, shelves and hooks so that all the important belongings have their place when you enter the home and having a drawer close helps you to organize the small items. Recycling bins close to the door will help you to toss that junk mail.


The hard tools like tongs and wooden spoons should be placed front and center. Then, you want to remove those tools that are very rarely used. The contents of your cabinet should be reshuffled so that you have the items you frequently used not take center attention. Everyday basics should always be put within an easy reach. Also, when you find items that are not yours, make sure that you return them to get rid of the clutter.

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Linen Closets

It is so common to keep accumulating towels and bedding for a really long time. Do not do this. You want to get rid of the old sets right now so that you have only what you need in the closets. Around 3 sheet sets is enough. Add 2 towel sets for every person and one set for potential guests. Always get rid of the items that are not your very best and keep those that are good.


The bedroom is the room that you use to get rest but it is often to see that people end up using the room as a repository for random clutter and laundry. Go through clothes and remove those that you do not use anymore. Do the same for the water glasses, papers, coffee cups and all the junk that lies around. Make sure that you look under the bed and if you need storage, use storage boxes. They are pretty useful and will normally match all interior designs.


Quite a large part of bathroom clutter is made out of the products that you bought but did not like. These normally end up right in the back of the cupboard, taking up much valued space. Remove all that you do not use and after you finish doing that, arrange the products that you do use on a daily basis. When storing medication inside the bathroom, do be sure that a proper storage space is chosen.

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Gardening Supplies

This is one part of the cleaning process that many do not think about, just like with landscaping. It is so easy to end up having gloves and various gardening tools that are not used and that are just laid out around the home. Make sure that you always think about using proper storage options. And for everything that is extra or when you have too much junk, contact professional removers like