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Things You Want To Know About French Interior Design

French Interior design

In France, houses speak with an accent as well. French people have this gift to create special beauty. I am not sure if it’s because of their romance, or their distinction.

With its metropolitan elegance, French interior design is as special, beautiful, romantic and dreamy as the population. How many of you ever imagined being part of a French décor? For those who want to, I will make a brief presentation of what this design really means and what elements you need to work with in order to obtain it.

For the lovers of a region like Provence, or other regions bathed in the burning sun among the fields of lavender, French design is ideal. The style is casual-elegant with a large spectrum of colors. French style is characterized by an interesting color palette, neutral shades combined with pastel ones of gold, yellow, blue, green, bordeaux, brick-red and other colors that highlight the rustic aspect in an old and hospitable way. The preferred colors are the blurred ones with an antique aspect.

The accessories and the furniture have a worn out aspect, upholsterers’ with warm colors and defined outlines on the chairs, sofas and other furniture pieces that highlights the chic style. The furniture is oversized, with round edges and a regal influence. The furniture pieces have simple lines; even though they have specific motives painted, nothing is decorated excessively. French furniture has an antique aspect. It can be made of massive wood with stains of rust or faded paint that makes the house unique.

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Important characteristic are the use of natural materials, plaster walls, grand ceilings which let the wood grains shine, rather than trying to find it beneath paint or finishes, many details sculptured in wood, copper pots, carpets made of wool or cotton and steel accessories are just a few examples.

Another specific element is the natural rock. It is present in any French-Country style and it can be found in floors pavement, sumptuous fireplaces, construction of ovens, sills and so on. The prints and the colors in these pieces of art are inspired by the rustic French views where the primary colors get along with shades of green, lavender and orange.

The typical motives are the sunflowers, grapes, olives, lavender and other present elements: luxurious flowers, farm animals and pastoral scenes. It’s simply amazing how a plant, for example can change everything in a French room.

When it comes to accessories, fairs and antique stores are the ideal places where you can purchase the decorative pieces. Chandeliers, chests, reading lamps and vintage mirrors will give a noble and elegant air to the room. Silver, blue and white porcelain arranged on the shelves in an asymmetric way are another way of combining these elements in a French style.

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What’s really interesting is to note the variety in a French house. There are usually many rugs, wall paintings, photographs and other powerful elements that make everything homey and it doesn’t really matter what season is outside, you will always feel warm in a house like this.