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Moving To New Zealand? Do It Without A Headache With This Advice

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New Zealand is a country that gains popularity constantly among people that want to leave their home and relocate overseas. The economy is going strong and you can so easily find a new job these days, and a home.

The real problem with moving to New Zealand is that the process takes a lot of time and you have to consider numerous things before you actually make the shift. Planning is always key so that the process can be as smooth as possible.

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Fortunately, nowadays it is easier than ever to move to New Zealand. The authorities took the steps needed to make the process very intuitive and you will get support from everyone involved, from the moving companies to the local lawyers. However, if you want to plan properly, always consider the following important tips.

Choosing The Right Visa

There are different visas possible and you need to choose the correct one. The resident visa is always easier to get when you have proper qualifications and work experience. This revolves around the New Zealand Skilled Migrant category.

If you do not qualify for the Skilled Migrant category, a good option is the work visa. Then, you upgrade to residency. This is possible through employer sponsorship. You can also get a student visa to then apply for residency, but only after graduation.

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If you have children, there are some specific requirements that you should be aware of. Always learn all that you can about the visas you need so that you can get the paperwork in order from the start.

Factor In Cost Of Living

New Zealand can be very expensive. It is an island nation and is far away from most of the world. Based on where you come from, prices for consumer goods, clothing, food, and more might surprise you.

Check out the Immigration site for New Zealand to use their Cost Of Living calculator. This allows you to see all the everyday expenses you should expect and even earning potential in various industries and cities.

Don’t Forget About Bank Accounts

You need a New Zealand bank account, together with a unique IRD tax number. Get these before you go to the country. Look at all the major banks and see what they offer. Then, learn about tax obligations you might have. After all, you are moving to a new country so it is possible that you end up with obligations both in your country and in NZ.

Always Have All Documents On You

This is especially important in the beginning. When you have paperwork on hand, it becomes so much simpler to apply for a job, buy a home, and open a bank account.

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Certified copies of all the important documents should be on you at all times. Have them since you never know if something goes wrong and you lose something as you move. Some of the common items to consider are your birth certificated, academic qualifications, international drivers’ license, updated CV, and practically everything else.

Look For A Home

You need a place where you can live before you move to New Zealand. This should be pretty self-explanatory. The problem is that house prices in New Zealand are really high so there is a really good possibility that renting is a much better option for you when you start.

Rent prices vary from one location to the next. It can also become more expensive for families because child’s schooling areas cost more.

Be Careful With Pets

Biosecurity hazards are always taken seriously in all countries, including New Zealand. When you take your pet with you, regulations and rules have to be considered. Ferrets, guinea pigs, rats, mice, and reptiles cannot enter the country.

Get Familiar With The Lingo

English in New Zealand is different. There are numerous slang terms to learn and the accent is quite difficult to understand for many. Many Maori words were integrated into day-to-day conversation. If you are not ready to deal with that, you will have problems.

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Before you move to New Zealand, make sure that you watch local TV shows and movies. This helps you to get used to how the locals speak.

Understand Culture

Every single country has its very own special taboos and customs. In the case of Kiwi culture, things are very simple to English traditions, but there are Maori traditions that are added.

Research helps a lot. Learn all that you can about local customs, like asking if you should bring food in the event that you are asked to attend dinner.

Get In Touch With Locals

For people coming from other countries, it does take some time for New Zealanders to get warmed up to them. However, it is always a whole lot easier to make new friends when you get involved. Join community teams if you enjoy sports. Look for some volunteer opportunities. Basically, get involved and noticed by the locals.

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