The Complete Guide to Choosing a Home Window Film: Everything to Know

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In 2020, the window tinting market globally was valued at 10.22 billion dollars. It’s also expected to grow 5.1% every year until 2028! This is no surprise, given that so many people and homeowners live in locations where sunlight can be unbearable. 

Yet, choosing a home window film can be a tricky business as it’s not something people are normally familiar with. That being said, with a little research and advice, you should be well on your way to choosing the right film for your needs.

In this quick guide, we’ll run you through a few helpful things to know to make your decision-making process hassle-free. Read on to find out more.

Understand the Benefits of Window Film

Before you start shopping around for different window film options, first you should fully understand the potential benefits you can gain from various options. 

The benefit of tinting residential windows is that you’ll create a comfortable and cool indoor environment in the summer months. You’ll also create privacy in your home, even when you have the curtains drawn. Plus, you can prevent the harmful UV rays from the sun from causing you and your family skin damage.

If UV rays are something you are concerned about, we recommend you get Llumar residential film

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Know the Different Window Tint Types

Not all window films are made the same. And each option has its own unique benefits.

For instance, you could choose a carbon film window tint, made out of carbon microlayers. These window tint types are great if you don’t want any of your indoor furnishings to fade. 

If privacy is a number one issue, then you may want to opt for a dyed window film tint. From the outside, your windows will look opaque with this option! 

Metalized tints are another choice to consider. These make your windows stronger and thicker. The result is you have windows that provide you with better security in your home, as well as the benefits of a window tint.

Choose the Right Provider

One of the best ways to ensure you get the best tints for your home is to choose the right window tint provider. With their expert advice and installation experience, you’ll have clean-looking window tints in no time!

Make sure they have experience in tinting residential windows. Furthermore, comparing film costs is a good idea, so shop around for quotes.

Keep in mind, that the cheapest window tinters in your area might now provide you with the best service or the highest quality tints. So also make a point of reading independent reviews to see how others rate the company you’re checking out. A good place to do this is on Trustpilot’s website.  

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Choosing a Home Window Film the Right Way

When choosing a home window film, make sure you understand all the benefits you can gain first. Also, learn about the different types of tints out there. Then, spend time finding a reputable installer to get the job done professionally. 

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